BenQ China助力湖南高品「我為科技代言」IT管道精英匯——婁底站 (BenQ China shows support for IT channel event in Hunan province’s Loudi)

8月16日長沙高品“我為科技代言”第四站在婁底成功舉辦,婁底50余家優秀二級參加會議。1.   高品“我為科技代言”會議接近尾聲,通過一系列的會議開拓新客戶,加深了二級對明基產品認可度,並產生實際銷量。

On 16 August, the fourth in a series of events for technology channel vendors took place in the city of Loudi in China’s Hunan province. More than 50 of the city’s most outstanding distributors took part. The series is nearing its end, but has already drawn new customers to BenQ, while reinforcing distributor confidence in BenQ products—and produced significant sales.