BenQ品牌超音波獲得IF Product Design Award肯定 (BenQ Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System wins IF Product Design Award)

由佳世達研發,明基三豐銷售的BenQ品牌數位彩色超音波設備榮獲IF 2013 Product Design Award,讓醫療產品除了具有優異的功能、穩定的品質與滿足臨床需求的特點外,更具備了人性化的外觀與設計,進一步落實了BenQ產品以消費者為優先的理念與態度。

BenQ Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System which is market by BenQ Medical Technology wins IF 2013 Product Design Award. BenQ Ultrasound System not only gives Superior specifications, good quality and fulfills the clinic requirements but also provides user-friendly design and application. It carries out BenQ spirits to put customer in the first priority and make it becomes a value-added product.