BenQ發表65吋大型商用互動觸控顯示器 滿足公共顯示多元應用 (BenQ announces 65” touch-enabled monitors for public information display applications)


BenQ’s large-screen business-oriented interactive touch-enabled monitors were designed specifically for public information display applications. They boast advanced interactive touch technology, and use AU Optronics panels and innovative LCD technology. These displays also offer longer product life, greater stability, and more flexibility to adapt to different usage environments. They can clearly display content while providing a responsive real-time interface. As a result, the RP650 and RM650 are especially well suited for usage scenarios that require that information be conveyed via an intuitive touch-based interface—such as information searches, floor guides, map indexes, and merchandise information. Exhibition centers, hotels, and schools will find these displays ideal for such applications, while retailers, food-and-beverage outlets, service providers, and transport operations can use BenQ’s large-screen interactive touch-enabled monitors as information kiosks that also provide a channel for direct communication with individual customers. The crisp and clear display of information and brilliant picture quality not only make video and images more compelling and capture attention more effectively, but they also help companies present themselves more effectively.