myBenQ express 008 (English)

myBenQ express 008 (2012/10/30)  

A meaningful dialog between BenQ products and consumers

The ability to entertain, attentiveness to trends, a sense of technologically advanced modern societies, consumers no longer pursue only specs and speed when weighing purchases. The focus in consumers’ buying behavior is on expressing their individuality and taste through their purchases. Noting this mindset, BenQ has long sponsored gaming-related events, as these have become an important leisure activity for the younger generation, gaining great attention recently in Taiwan. QisDesign Lighting has joined this trend, offering home furnishings and lamps that create a chic and elegant ambience. Moreover, aspects like home entertainment and easy sharing that are key focuses of BenQ’s various product lines are being communicated at various types of exhibitions and product hands-on events. Such initiatives are continually demonstrating the importance we place on the user experience as we maintain the brand commitment to consumer dialog.

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