BenQ China顯示器產品經理陳偉強做客ZOL顯示器達人線上 (BenQ China monitor product manager Vito Chen participates in ZOL monitor feature)


BenQ’s Vito Chen recently participated in the 170th edition of ZOL’s online monitor expert feature. Vito engaged in an enthusiastic discussion of BenQ’s flicker-free panel technology with editors and the online community, presenting a thorough analysis. Because Vito and the editors are well acquainted with each other, the discussion proceeded very smoothly. ZOL’s editors approved of BenQ’s product positioning, while online users expressed great interest in the flicker-free panel concept. In addition, they showed enthusiasm for the use of monitors as external displays for laptops. The editors also provided some valuable suggestions for the promotion of monitors with a flicker-free panel. The ZOL monitor channel’s main page gave the feature a prominent position, along with a headline in a large red typeface.