BenQ投影機W1070鑒賞會北京站後續線上活動持續發聲 (Follow-on activities after W1070 projector hands-on events in Beijing maintain buzz)

繼「賞 明基全高清3D新視界」W1070線下鑒賞會在北京分兩場開完之後,為配合活動,在ZOL、PCPOP和家電論壇舉行體驗會心得分享和W1070搶樓行動。後續線上活動不僅持續了體驗會到場網友對W1070的關注度,同時也在論壇進行了更廣泛的傳播和關注度的提高。ZOL和PCPOP各評選出了三位心得分享品質較高的網友頒發禮品,家電論壇頂樓更是達到104萬的點擊率和23萬條回復,創造了該論壇頂樓和關注度之最。在網路上形成持續的傳播聲音。

After two public hands-on events for the W1070 in Beijing, BenQ publicized a hands-on event with follow-on hands-on reports and popularity rank-raising effort for the W1070 on high-traffic websites ZOL and PCPOP. These online activities not only sustained attention to the W1070 from members of the online community who had attended the hands-on event, but also broadened the scope of publicity and raised interest further. ZOL and PCPOP independently selected three users who had written especially high-quality reports, rewarding them with prizes. The W1070 reached the home appliance forum’s top ranking, gaining 1.04 million hits and 230,000 comment posts, representing the highest level of interest in the discussion forum’s top-ranked product that had ever been achieved, maintaining the online buzz around the W1070.