BenQ黑湛屏大型液晶極窄系列上市發表 (BenQ large-screen narrow-bezel VA LCD televisions see product launch)

BenQ台灣區於1月16日舉辦BenQ黑湛屏大型液晶極窄系列發表會,此次推出的新機種 RV系列65型/50型,是目前國產品牌大尺寸最窄邊框,集大尺寸、窄邊框美感設計、獨家黑湛屏於一機,新聞媒體踴躍出席採訪,展現BenQ於台灣電視市場深厚的品牌實力!

BenQ Taiwan held a product launch event for our large-screen narrow-bezel VA LED  series televisions on 16 January. The new monitors highlighted were the 65” and 50” models in the RV series, notable for having the narrowest bezels of any domestic brand large-screen TVs. Bringing together a large screen, beautiful narrow-bezel design, and BenQ’s exclusive VA LCD panel, these new TVs attracted great attention from the news media, demonstrating the considerable brand power that BenQ has in the Taiwanese television market.