BenQ家用投影機日本地區強打中 (BenQ Japan strongly promotes Video Projectors & GP10)

BenQ Japan 持續在線上強打W1070和W1080ST投影機,網購商城的強力放送提升了銷售聲量。
In May, BenQ Japan continuously promoted W1070 and W1080ST with online product reviews which link to eCommerce site(kakaku.com) to increase sales volume. Digital marketing is quiet matured in Japan thus BenQ Japan concentrated on this tool to create buzz. 
W1070 was introduced as one of the high quality projector on Phileweb, a Portal site of AV / audio / home theater. Its 3D Full HD picture quality,  good cost performance, lens shift, high brightness, high contrast, 6000 hour long life lamp, SmartEco and multiple input terminals were introduced. 

W1080ST Print advertisement
W1080ST POP for Yodobashi Camera  
GP10 Product Review 
GP10 was introduced as one of the high quality mobile projector in the page of “News review” on BCN. The review especially focused on its compact design, LED, high contrast 10,000:1, 1m@40 inch, WXGA, good picture quality, 3Wx2 speaker, multiple input terminals and USB display. Also how to use the wireless function was introduced in very detail.