BenQ GP3百度、知道百科上線 (BenQ GP3 makes presence known on major Chinese online encyclopedia websites)

明基投影機在月度推廣中,重點以明基微型投影機GP3為重點推廣產品,分別從百度百科/百度問答/論壇/新聞評論等方面為產品上市增加曝光量和資訊鋪墊。推廣期間有媒體將產品漫畫採編到新聞報導中,對創作的產品漫畫內容給予了一定的肯定,同時增加了合乎大眾的趣味性。另外還有ZOL中關村線上對投影機的漫畫在投影機論壇中做了長期置頂。此外, BenQ阿基獅微博對產品漫畫在微博中進行了發佈,獲得了不少網友的轉發與評論。

In our monthly promotional campaign for projectors, BenQ’s focus has been on the GP3 pocket projector, increasing visibility and supplying information about the product’s launch on Chinese encyclopedia website Baidu, online discussion forums, and news sites. During the campaign, some media outlets incorporated the comic strip created to market the GP3 in their news reports, voicing their approval of the message, and praising the popular appeal of the approach. In addition, leading portal site ZOL gave the comic prominent placement on its projector discussion forum page for an extended period. Moreover, the BenQ Lion Weibo page featured an announcement of the comic strip, with a number of users reposting and commenting.