Mousesports 贊助報告 (Mousesports gaming team April / May report in Germany)

BenQ贊助的德國電競隊伍Mousesports,在四五月的活動成果如下:包括RaidCall EMS季軍、ESL Pro Series決賽入圍、Kaspersky Arena冠軍、ESL Go4SC2月冠軍等等……。

1             Achievements
Dota 2 team finishes on shared 3rd place
The mousesports Dota 2 team has been able to finish the RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 season on a shared 3rd place, including a victory over the tournament favorites from Team Alliance in the first playoff round. Mousesports has once again cemented their status as best German team and a fearsome competitor in the worldwide Dota 2 scene.
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10739/
Pictures: http://partner.mousesports.com/photos/dota2/emsone_katowice.zip (All photos courtesy of www.esl.eu; copyright notice required)

HasuObs advances to ESL Pro Series semifinal stage
The mousesports StarCraft II player Dennis „mouz HasuObs“ Schneider managed to defeat his opponent Lukas „Delphi“ Hilgers 3-1 in the EPS Spring 2013 quarterfinals and advances to the semifinals, which will be played at the ESL Pro Series Spring 2013 Finals in Cologne (May 10th-12th).
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10740/
Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eslphotos/8665786751 (Photo courtesy of www.esl.eu; copyright notice required)
Picture: http://taketv.net/bilder/elemente/galleryimages/32_3486_mouz.hasuobs_(3).jpg (Photo courtesy of www.taketv.net; copyright notice required)

HeroMarine wins Kaspersky Arena April 2013
The young German StarCraft II player Gabriel “mouz HeroMarine” Segat was victorious at the Kaspersky Arena April 2013, including an impressive All-Kill performance (4 wins, no losses) to net not only the title as Champion but also 1,000 € as prize money.
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10743/

ESL Go4SC2 Monthly Final March 2013
The newest addition to the mousesports StarCraft II team, Dan “mouz hOpe” Gustafsson (Sweden) took second place at yesterday’s ESL Go4SC2 Monthly Final March 2013, including a 2:0 victory over reigning HomeStory Cup Champion Snute (Norway, Team Liquid).
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10743/

ESL Major Series Spring 2013
We have been able to beat North American team complexity in the ESL Major Series Spring 2013 with 6:2 overall – combined with our 6:2 record from last week’s matchup against NewRoSoft (Romania), mousesports has secured the first place in their group, despite the result of next week’s matchup against Team Property (Sweden).
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10743/

Mousesports holds 3rd rank in World of Tanks Pro League Season 1
The mousesports World of Tanks team is currently ranked 3rd in the WoT Pro League Season 1 regular season. With their victory over DragonBorns yesterday, they’ve entered the top 3 positions. The first half of the season will end tomorrow, afterwards each team will play each other once again in the second half, before the final teams have been determined for the WoT Pro League Finals.
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10745/

2             Happenings
Mousesports legends Fatih „gob b“ Dayik announced return to professional gaming
The legendary team captain of the famous mousesports Counter-Strike 1.6 team from 2007-2011, Fatih “mouz gob b” Dayik has announced his return to the professional gaming scene to once again play for mousesports at the ESL Pro Series Finals. Dayik will act as a Stand-In for the German EPS Championships exclusively, trying to win the 15th Counter-Strike EPS Championship for mousesports.
Full Story: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/10741/

Next event: DreamHack Open: Stockholm (April 26th – 28th)
Our next tournament will be the DreamHack Open: Stockholm event this weekend. For mousesports in attendance: ESWC 2012 World Champion Grzegorz “mouz MaNa” Komincz, aswell as Jonne “mouz Protosser “ Sotala, both playing in the StarCraft II tournament, representing both mousesports aswell as BenQ.