BenQ投影機 花嫁六月 分享文與體驗活動 幸福開跑 三坪小空間 甜蜜共享100吋3D Full HD大畫面 (June promotion highlights BenQ projectors, encourages users to share their experiences)

在洋溢幸福氛圍的六月,與她一起回憶兩人最珍貴的紀錄片段,不論是甜蜜佇足的旅遊照片,或是結婚側錄的幸福影片,充滿著兩人愛的印記,如何透過家中有限空間來呈現滿滿大畫面的幸福感呢?BenQ瞭解你的期望,只要利用家裡三坪有限空間,就能與她共享甜蜜大畫面,還能與她一起窩在家裡看場電影、玩遊戲。BenQ全系列三坪機讓你一次滿足臨場感十足的3D影像、 Full HD藍光等級高畫質、及100吋大畫面的家庭劇院饗宴,推出「幸福分享文大募集」活動,2013年6月01日起至2013年6月30日,只要上網分享短焦3D Full HD藍光劇院投影機W1070三坪機或是超短焦3D Full HD藍光劇院投影機W1080ST遊戲專屬三坪機的使用者分享文,通過審核就可獲得3D眼鏡*一支(市價$3000)。接下來的幸福家庭時光就用BenQ藍光劇院投影機,與她在家一同欣賞大畫面帶來的震撼效果吧!


Looking back at visual records of special moments of your time with her—whether that’s photos of a trip you took together, or video of your wedding—you find them full of signs of your love for each other. But how can you enjoy these photos and video on a large screen in the limited space available in your home? BenQ understands your wishes, so even in a small room you can give your sweetest memories with her the big-screen treatment. You can also enjoy movies and games with the same expansive views. BenQ’s entire lineup of short-throw projectors lets you enjoy a premium home-theater experience with immersive 3D and Full HD Blu-ray video shown in big 100” views. BenQ is also running a promotion from 1 to 30 June, offering a pair of 3D glasses (which retail for NTD3000) to customers who share their experience using the W1070 short-throw 3D Full HD Blu-ray home theater projector or the W1080ST ultra-short-throw gaming projector in approved online posts. Now anyone can enjoy stunning views of the photos and videos of their most joyous times with loved ones.