BenQ護眼不閃屏家族在北京發佈全系列新品 (BenQ announces full series of new eye-protective flicker-free monitors)


On 20 May, BenQ’s launch event for its newest flicker-free monitor models took place in Beijing. The introduction of these monitors marked the first time after BenQ announced our first flicker-free monitor, the GW2760HS, that we have showcased an entire line of new flicker-free models. BenQ introduced the new BL2410PT, GW2245, and RL2240HE, which are geared, respectively, for high-end business applications, home entertainment, and gaming. These new monitors have none of the screen flicker commonly seen on ordinary monitors, providing strong eye protection. It’s also worth mentioning that at the launch event, a well-known Taiwanese ophthalmology expert made an appearance to give a talk, giving attendees a greater understanding of the importance and urgency of daily care for one’s eyes.