BenQ GH800數位相機在亞太區行銷 (GH800 product marketing across the region )

BenQ GH800數位相機在亞太區獲得許多注意,包括泰國數位雜誌、土耳其平面廣告、印尼部落客推薦等,向不同的消費者傳達BenQ產品的優勢。

In May, we reinforce BenQ’s strength on Bridge type camera with marketing efforts on GH800. Still, media coverage, WoM sharing, and retail exposure are our key communication tools. Let’s see the progress update from several countries:

BenQ Thailand did the press release for GH800 in early May, they earned 24 media clippings and one nice review from Digital Camera magazine. Besides, they also kick off business with the biggest camera retailer, Photo Hut successfully. Photo Hut is very positive to work with BenQ and are confident to sell our products in their 50+ stores. Meanwhile, BenQ camera are sold on Photo Hub Online Shop. We expect to see more exposures on major media, blogger/forum sites, and Photo Hut website to help business in the coming month.

BenQ Turkey started to promote GH800 by magazine ads, product review, and POSM at stores. They are preparing video testing review and will join the outdoor festival to create more WOM voice in June. Good to see they had good progress on online shop “hepsiburada.com” to promote GH series. For Facebook, they hosted a Mother’s Day campaign and encouraged fans to upload their photos with Moms; the lucky one will win a AE220 home!

BenQ continued to cooperate with online influential bloggers, and one GH800 article and 3 G1 articles were generated in May. Those bloggers gave great recommendation on GH800 and G1.

Gie Wahyudi, a lifestyle editorial blogger who loves to write his observation of surroundings on his blog. In May, he carried GH800 to travel to Makassar and shared his travel diary with nice photos taken by GH800 on his blog.
BenQ G1 Review
Wira Nurmansyah, a travel & fine art landscape photographer, always shares his photos and stories on his blog. In May, he carried BenQ G1 to travel to Jailolo and share more photography tips to take nice photos.