BenQ GP10口碑行銷在泰國 (GP10 Word-of-mouth Program in Thailand)

BenQ GP10在泰國Freemac.net展開評測,口碑行銷的效應已經吸引了800人次觀看評測。

In-depth GP10 product introduction was on Freemac.net (http://freemac.net/home/topic/13042-review-benq-gp10-ultra-lite-led-projector/) which has received 822 reviews in just 3weeks. The editor listed down very detailed features and took nice pictures of each angle of GP10 including its remote control. The editor also tested different applications with GP10, such as connecting with iPhone and MAC book. He especially appreciated the lumens within this compact size. This review was post on a popular 3C forum specially for Apple users, where viewers could get the very first-hand information about GP10.