BenQ參加印度IT展 (BenQ India joined CMDA IT Expo & COM IT exhibitions)

十二月BenQ參加印度兩大IT展,CMDA IT EXPO和COM IT EXPO。BenQ 3D投影機種吸引許多終端消費者的注意。

This December is a busy month for BenQ India. BenQ India participated in the two IT exhibitions, one is CMDA IT EXPO and the other is COM IT EXPO.

CMDA IT is in Pune, India, from Dec 7th to Dec 10th. Around 35,000 customers went to the exhibition and approximate 10,000 people visited the BenQ booth. BenQ booth is in front row and has a very strong brand exposure. In this event, BenQ India presented LCD monitors, TVs and projectors, and got good sales volume. Moreover, BenQ India presented 3D projector and GP10 to catch end-users' attentions successfully.

COM IT is from Dec. 13th to Dec. 16th at Mumbai, India, and there is around 20,000 customers going to the exhibition and approximate 7,000 people visiting the BenQ booth. Key IT players like Intel, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, HP, and so on participated in the event too. In the event, BenQ India also demonstrated LCD monitors, TVs and projectors and demonstrated 3D projector to make booth crowd.