BenQ GP10 獲法國媒體好評 (BenQ GP10 good review in Ere Numerique in France)

BenQ GP10 獲法國媒體好評,被稱為家用影音界無所不能的瑞士小刀。簡單好操作的特性讓它成為優良的家用投影機選擇。

BenQ GP10 : a concentrate of know-how!
The Swiss knife of videoprojection


Pros :
                Wireless Display
                Ease of use
                General Display quality
Cons :
                Fan is noisy, especially in Normal mode
                Video Processing is not very good

The journalist is explaining the wide connectivity, highlighting the Wireless Display (very positive feedback) and all the inputs.
He is also clearly emphasizing the ease of use : easy setup, easy installation

Conclusion :
The BenQ GP10 is playing the convenience Projector game, and it works. Very easy to use, it can display anything with or without wires.
The picture quality is more than enough to have fun. The light source is powerful enough to be used in day time @1m, the distance can be much bigger when the light is darker.
Given the price point and the LED (lasting up until 30 000h), this device will entertain the whole family or the professionals on the go. Last but not least for the parents, the Auto Blank function will detect movements @ 20-30cm, turning off the light to prevent children from being injured.