BenQ贊助英國Gfinity電競活動 (Gfinity gaming event sponsoring in United Kingdom)


In attendance at Gfinity gaming event we had the biggest esports teams in the world with Complexity, Optic(Including Redbull professional athlete Nadeshot), EnvyUs, Impact and Curse making the trip from the US. From Europe we had Copenhagen Wolves from Denmark, AAA from France (Including Europe's largest esports youtube personality Gotaga), Giants who are the largest team in Spain and in addition the biggest teams from the UK including TCM and Prophecy.

Unique Viewers: 2.5 Million
Peak Concurrent: 86 Thousand
Twitter Reach: 17.3 Million

1. Advertising within event video on demand feed:
- We streamed 4 channels (An esports first) showing all games that ran from Saturday 10AM until Sunday 11PM. These videos are in the process of being edited. I have added some screenshots from the streams to this email. BenQ had brand exposure on all 4 streams during games, during interviews and of course during Ijustine features (She has 1.5 Million twitter followers and this is the first time she has done an esports event outside of official Activision events).

2. Advertising on all event websites including third party websites:
- Branding was put on our twitch site during the event. However This has since been taken down as we prepare to launch the second event. This was on all 4 twitch channels. In regards to third party websites this was going to be on one of the worlds largest energy drink websites. Regrettably on the eve of the event a technicality appeared which resulted in this not being public which resulted in the rather odd situation that included the entire venue being kitted out with free energy drink.

3. BenQ logo exposure on all promo and media materials:
- All current videos that are on our youtube site are old videos that were generated before the BenQ deal was signed. However we are in the process of making 48 hours worth of VOD's that will be appearing on our Youtube channel in the coming days which all include BenQ branding.

4. BenQ in the Media:
- We have requested the pack from our PR firm that will included copies of all media articles. These will include the article we did for BT.com, Sky Sports, VG 24/7 and SBTV