BQtw 家庭雲 家庭智慧組合 上市發表 (BQtw launches cloud platform and smart device combo for homes)


BenQ is building on its strong position in the development of display technologies, moving into the digital home services space. We are dedicating effort to developing simple and intuitive software and hardware, leading the industry by introducing a home-oriented cloud platform and smart technology package that includes an exclusive family lifestyle app and Internet connectivity wizard for TVs. Together with a BenQ large-screen flat panel television that provides outstanding color performance and is available in a full range of sizes, the package allow consumers to enjoy the unbounded possibilities of a smart technology-driven entertainment solution specially made for the home. BenQ’s home cloud platform and TV Internet connectivity wizard provide instant Internet connectivity, turning an ordinary display or TV into a smart web device. BenQ’s exclusive family lifestyle app includes three major functions—calendar, photo album, and message board—and links to mobile devices, digitally connecting everyone in a family together seamlessly.