BenQ GH800 親子旅遊全能機台灣區網路活動起跑! (Online promotion for BenQ’s full-featured GH800 family vacation camera commences)

BenQ GH800 的36倍超高倍光學變焦鏡頭,持續運用新興的數位行銷手法如網路活動、部落格媒體宣傳、facebook社群溝通等等,以簡單有趣的「體驗36倍變焦抽大獎」的網路互動遊戲,深入溝通GH800的產品特色能夠滿足父母隨時想要捕捉小孩的精采瞬間的需求,並引發網友正面口碑及主動在 facebook分享活動訊息,建立親子族群對BenQ數位相機的好感度與指名度,更企盼進而帶動銷售業績!現在馬上上網體驗BenQ GH800 的強大36倍變焦功能吧!

For BenQ’s GH800 ultra-high 36x optical zoom lens camera, we are continuing to make use of novel digital marketing approaches, such as online events, publicity through blogs, Facebook community messaging, and so on. BenQ created a simple but fun interactive webpage game that communicates how the product features of the GH800 can fulfill parents’ desire to capture special moments in their child’s life, while also encouraging positive word-of-mouth and self-initiated sharing of event information on Facebook, building up positive feelings and brand preference for BenQ cameras. The hope is that these efforts can drive sales.