BenQ電競顯示器與投影機在德國獲好評 (BenQ XL2720T and W1500 good review in Ere Numerique in France)

BenQ電競顯示器在德國Ere Numerique網站獲得8/10分的好評, W1500投影機也獲8/10分的好評,提升歐洲消費者對BenQ的好感。

Ere Numerique XL2720T product test: 8/10 A serious Video Game Challenger
The test is globally a good review of the product with some problems highlighted.

The release is globally positive, W1500 is below a quote from the summary :
The W1500 is able to do everything and does everything right! Being dedicated to multimedia entertainment (movies, TV, game consoles,…) is a very good asset.
And so it is for the Wireless connexion that is easy and efficient. The price is OK given the performance level but is justified mainly if you need a wireless PRJ able to display any contents.
For those who would like to focus on savings : BenQ W1070 or W1200 could be a good choice.

The journalist gave 8/10 score (same as W1070).
Please let me know if you need more details.