BenQ 高畫質投影機亞太區體驗活動 (W1080ST/W1070 Full HD Projector Activities)

BenQ W1080ST/W1070高畫質投影機種,在亞太區舉辦體驗活動。包括體驗mini-site,在澳洲、韓國舉行的發表體驗活動,都讓消費者對BenQ家用投影機的畫質表現更具信心。

Thanks to all’s efforts, in June we got very good online exposure no matter from editors’ reviews or consumers’ sharing, especially from Sub-Region 1. Three physical events were conducted and some ads campaign to draw attention. A mini-site and Facebook program are ready for your adaptation. We expect more activities in the coming month from all NS in the coming month, together with sales growth!

[W1080ST/W1070 Mini-site and Facebook campaign]
To market the two Full HD home entertainment projectors, RO has developed one Mini-site and prepared a Facebook program to draw target audiences’ attention. Scenario photos are used together with one to two simple sentences to highlight the key benefits and features of W1080ST. A short video also helps users to quickly understand our products. This mini-site will be applied in all markets.

Facebook program emphasizing big screen fun with friends and family are on air in India, Thailand, Korea and Australia from Jun. 25th to Jul. 15th. The same, Visitors are able to view a short video talking about W1080ST. BenQ fans who answer a simple question, “Who do you want to invite to watch your favorite movie @home?” will get a chance to win one pair of BenQ 3D glasses and two 3D movie DVDs. Communicating product key benefits and increasing number of Fans are the objectives we set.
[W1080ST with ACO VIRTUAL performance in Australia]
With cutting-edge audio-visual installation, Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) interactive performance was on from Jun. 1st to 23rd at Gold Coast Arts Centre in Queensland. 7pcs of W1080ST projectors were used as both an entertainment and educational tool, which allowed students and residents to watch a life-like, world-class orchestral performance. Due to the space limitation, short throw distance projection and Full HD high video quality were required, and W1080ST just matches!
[W1080ST PR Launch in Korea]  
On Jun 27th, BenQ Korea conducted a media gathering to announce W1080ST in Seoul and 20 editors/journalists and 10 channel partners were invited. In the event, BenQ Korea introduced W1080ST as the world’s first Full-HD short-throw projector and presented its excellent video/audio features. Avatar 3D movie was play backed to show its excellent 3D effect and high image quality. A presentation was given about full product line-up and more detailed video projector range including W7000+ and upcoming W1500. After this event, we got great media coverage with 41 clippings including 38 online and 3 offline articles.