BenQ智慧大型液晶 X 網路人氣小孩-喬喬 5集累積突破20萬點閱超高人氣!! (Videos promoting BenQ’s large-screen smart flat-panel televisions surpass 200,000 views )


BenQ continues to promote Taiwan’s #1 large-screen flat-panel smart televisions, spotlighting their localized features and how they are designed to facilitate parent-child interaction. Our latest move is to work with online child celebrity Rose Yu, and a total of five biweekly episodes of “One Week’s Learning” videos have been produced, encouraging online users to follow the series. Users have responded well with enthusiastic positive feedback, often noting the heartwarming interaction between Rose and her father, but also sparking online users’ expression of support for the Taiwanese brand BenQ, as well curiosity about and positive feelings toward BenQ flat-panel smart televisions’ built-in app functionality. Through scenes in Rose and her father’s warm, happy life, the videos vividly portray the rich array of Chinese- and English-language educational apps built into BenQ’s smart flat-panel televisions. The episodes have already drawn more than 200,000 views, successfully conveying the idea that BenQ’s smart TV models are the most thoroughly “localized” to meet the needs of Taiwanese consumers, helping parents easily create enjoyable shared learning experiences with their children.