BenQ在亞太多個國家專業媒體獲得好評 (Professional Product Reviews from matured countries)

BenQ家用投影機種在亞太多個國家專業媒體獲得好評,包括澳洲「SOUND and IMAGE」、韓國「Noteforum」網站、日本「Kakaku.com 」網站等。

SOUND and IMAGE magazine
W1080ST and W1070 were recommended for its Full-HD good quality, 3D support and multi-connectivity features. The difference of throw-distance between W1070 and W180ST are also elaborated in the article. Those attracting features make the editor wondering whether it is worth spending $5,000 on an AV projector these days. Just buy BenQ video projectors!

Noteforum, online 3C forum
BenQ W1080ST is the world’s first Full-HD short-throw projector for home video. Good image quality and easy installation are big advantages. Especially its 3D image provides huge satisfaction.

The reviewer appreciated W1070 for its compact size and many impressive functions, such as Full-HD 3D, SmartEco power saving, brilliant image, rich connectivity, and lens shift. Also the reviewer thought W1070’s small size is very convenient to carry to any place.